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    Our focus and philosopie is placed on prevention and compensation of nutriological dysbalances based on orthomolecular medicine principles.


    We offer premium standards and outstanding quality for the unique, nutriologically formulated preparations developed for the field of veterinary medicine (horse and dog).

  • Seal of quality „Das Original “= „The original “

    Valuable quality has a seal: Our supplements distinguish themselves by the title “the original”. We work continuously to develop supplements being new, more innovative and more effective during situations of modified demands for complementing our assortment.

For better health: navalis® nutraceuticals – The nutritional medicine for animals.

About navalis® nutraceuticals GmbH

The company navalis® nutraceuticals GmbH has been active in the field of nutriology since 1998. Its main focus is on the conception of dietetic feed supplements for dogs and horses on the basis of orthomolecular medicine for targeted and successful supplementation in a wide range of problematic health situations involving the metabolism. Many years of research have led to the development of nutriologically meaningful combinations of active substances for supplementation where conventional medicine ends.

As a company with its own production facilities navalis® is a pioneer in the field. Moreover, the standards it sets for the unique, nutriologically formulated preparations of outstanding quality are high. Its products contain high concentrations of active substances and are contaminant-free. The raw materials are procured with particular attention to protection of endangered animal or plant species, while selection of the appropriate source area, the ideal harvesting time and the optimal variety or strain also plays a major role.



We are looking forward to your visit! Next date is the trade fair at the bpt congress for veterinarians, 19th to 21th of October in Munic. > further dates