About navalis®

navalis® nutraceuticals – The nutritional medicine for animals.

navalis® nutraceuticals GmbH develops specific nutritional medical supplements for veterinary medicine since 1998 – with a focus on compensation of nutriological dysbalances.

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The whole production process of our products takes place in our own manufactory.

The development of (dietetic) feed supplements for dogs and horses is strictly based on orthomolecular medical principals. Unique formulations with nutriologically meaningful compounds are the result of years of research, continuous progression and the knowledge of the traditional use of different healing plants paired with most modern scientific findings.  

High quality criteria apply for the selection of raw material: plant drugs are drawn in primarily pharmacopoeia quality and the suitable species, the date of harvesting and the place of origin are emphasized. As guaranteed, only high quality and preferably untreated raw materials from sparing procession without chemical additives are used. Single nutrients are organically available or bound to nutritional substance and guarantee highest bioavailability.

Nutritional medcine for better health.

The individual nutritional supplements contain effective biomolecules in mostly high dosage and furthermore show a high acceptance. The effectiveness of several supplements can be verified by clinical trials.

The elaborate manufacturing process of the nutriologically effective supplements takes place in the internal manufacture. Particularly sparing manufacturing processes (e.g. cold pressing) as well as the just-in-time-fabrication guarantee highest quality at all times.

The competence of the company navalis® nutraceuticals GmbH lies in the nutritional medicine.

Which objectives are focused by navalis®?

- appropriate supply with micronutrients to maintain health

- specific individual compensation of nutriological dysbalances in situations of modified demands